1) Don’t try to grow up. Else You will just end up getting old and exhausted.2) Age is just a numbers, You are still young. Play and explore more and more – without getting break your leg.

3) Don’t purchase land or material liabilities. Learn and gain knowledge instead and build digital cities of the future on the internet. It’s the new real assets.

4) Train your mind to think and learn, exercise your physic to do tough things and exercise your soul to consider things. This will put you ahead in life.

5) Move faster than your brain and body can make and take. That’s a only way to grow faster.

6) Be Nice and friendly to every human being and doubtful to everyone. This is the way to filter undesirable people.

7) Learn to make or cook your own foodstuff. When you run out of money, you never go hungry.

8) Don’t build the habit of showing your things and claws. a powerful eagle hides it’s claws.

9) Must have a swim skill. This is the main skill that can offer you an advantage over a fish.

10)Know your circumstance. One little information you miss could be your final.