A Guy visited Canada in winters 2014. He landed into Ottawa and the conversatImmigration officern took place with ImmigratImmigration officern Officer during ImmigratImmigration officern process.

Immigration officer (IO) : “ Your purpose of visit to canada ? ”

A Guy : “Tourism and Tour”

Immigration officer : “For how many days. Duration of stay ? ”

A Guy:  “Approx Ten days”

Immigration officer :  “Where would you be staying ? ”

A Guy: “Ottawa Jail”

Immigration officer : “???”

A Guy : “Yes, Ottawa Jail Hostel”

Immigration officer : “Hahahaha, Welcome to Canada!”

PS: A canada Ottawa Jail Hostel originally used to be the Carleton County Gaol (a.k.a. Ottawa Jail). After the jail’s closure, the building was transfer into a living hostel. The hostel retained the jail theme, giving visitors and guests an opportunity to experience “jail” and jail-life.