This cool device will give you 90 minutes of battery life and need around 2 hours to complete charge with USB Type -C port.

Sony launched a cool and awesome mini AC (pocket air conditioner) that connects to your smart-phone or mobiles. It’s name is Reon Pocket that a handheld AC and It was 1st unveiled in 2019 and was scheduled to launch during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Due to chinese virus covid issues it’s pushed to 2021, Sony decided to go ahead and will launch this cool miniReon Pocket AC in Japan and india.

The Sony mini Reon Pocket AC, will comes with weighs 85 grams, and small enough to fit inside your regular-sized pocket.

It will bring cool down the temperature by 13 degrees Celsius and can even increase it by 8 degrees.

You can adjust the temperature, via connect the Reon Pocket smartphone app.

This wearable AC has support for all Android and iOS devices. It will deliver up to 90 minutes of battery life and takes around two hours to charge completely via USB Type -C. The Reon Pocket is currently available only in Japan for 13,000 Yen (roughly Rs 9,000). There is no word on whether the wearable AC will make its way to India or any other international markets.

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