Here are painful truths and fundamentals of the life – 0) Evil exists in life. There are some people who have chosen to demolish the entirety and all people that comes into their way. 1) Some People don’t want to pay attention to the truth. They want to listen what sounds “good for them” and “reasonable” 2) Education and knowledge is only thing that makes any nation great and wise. College and schools isn’t always overrated. When it is was a commodity then question to the management and system but not the college experience. 3) You must get out of your comfort zones, if not, you will stay very simple thinking and very very complex living. 4) Sometimes you do need to be the larger one and no one can be there to clap you for it. 5) It takes daring or courage not to give uncertainty but solutions to this universe. 6) Love never hurt. expectations does. 7) If you believe in karma and pure consequences, Karma will give you everything back you put in. Nothing more and nothing less. 8) If you chase for fulfilment instead of pain, you will come back with regret. 9) The easier route never ever leads to anything. 10) If you connect too long anywhere, you usually end up wasting your time without realizing. Job and relationship.