However, if you’re looking at the problems that RF can purpose at the human body, then let’s now not observe 5G Technology, it’s not the technology, it’s just a radio spectrum. factor out a few things that may help you recognize what the risk is. First, complete disclosure, Wade, who work in the wi-fi industry, became a tower climber for over 11 years and an RF engineer and now he business with corporations to roll out wi-fi systems. Also, he worked with the FCC and OSHA on RF and worker safety.

The technology, like 5G and other, isn’t an issue. The main issue and hassle is the spectrum and the power. The nearer you’re to the antenna and transmitter, more power of the radio waves . So that’s the first component to look at all the time where people assume that 5G is bad, it’s no longer 5G, it’s the spectrum.

The reason human beings associate 5G with health issues is due to the fact the FCC is freeing new spectrum, m-wave, which become used for microwave transmission within the past. Now we want greater spectrum for terrestrial connections, so the FCC is “auctioning” it off to the companies wherein the FCC will make billions of dollars. They say they put this again into the country wide debt.

This spectrum is 24GHz and 28GHz and you may think it’s bad. It ought to be, but the reality is that most gadgets transmit such low strength that it should not have any impact on the human body.

when you have Wi-Fi in your home? Not 5G Wi-Fi, but ordinary Wi-Fi? Or, perhaps you go where there’s Wi-Fi, like a malls or any espresso save for that matter. One of the spectrum bands that Wi-Fi uses is 2.4GHz. Do you already know what else has 2.4GHz? Your microwave. The difference is that the microwave places out lots of power while your Wi-Fi unit places out very low energy.

It’s extra than the carriers, we now have smart meters, wireless controllers in cars, your smartphone, your laptop, your headset jogging Bluetooth within the 2.4GHz range, and any other device that communicates wirelessly. It’s everywhere.

If you think it’s affecting you, so few symptoms that must could look at this point:

  • ringing in your ears like tinnitus
  • headaches
  • feverish
  • sickness in your stomach

These are all extreme, however as someone who labored on towers, only a few inches from many of these antennas, you learned what to look for. One greater very vital thing, unless you are getting hit with heavy RF, you’ll be affected differently than a person else. It appears that some people have a lower tolerance than others.